Authors, who received a positive conclusion for publication, should make payment to the following requisites.

Payment for employees of the ENU - 10 000 tenge (electronic version), 12 000 tenge (electronic and paper versions),

payment for outside organizations - 12 000 tenge (electronic version), 14 000 tenge (electronic and paper versions).


NAO "Eurasian National University named after. L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University

BIN 010140003594

1) "Bank CenterCredit" JSC

Bank identification number: KCJBKZKX


Kbe 16

Knp 859 - for the article

2) "Bank RBK" JSC

Bank identification number: KINCKZKA

IIC: KZ498210439858161073

Kbe 16

Knp 859- for article

3) Payment for articles may also be made through the app.

Choose -> Payments -> Education -> Universities and colleges -> Name of educational institution (ENU) ->

Type of payment- choose articles and publications
Faculty- specify Department
Specialty- specify journal series, issue of the journal (Pedagogy. Psychology. Sociology series. 4,2022)
specify Payer's ID
specify  Author's name