Features of the traditional and updated curriculum

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  • A.K. Kozybai Abai Kazakh National Pedagogical University
  • G.M. Nyssan Abai Kazakh National Pedagogical University


knowledge, skills, business skills, methods, traditional, updated


The article investigates the similarities and features of the traditional and updated curriculum and the differences between these two curricula. The introductory part provides an overview of the importance of updating the content of education, and the research methods are based on specific information. Here, for the first time, education was born and developed in the vast expanses of the Kazakh people. It was noted that according to the traditional training program, the most important role in the lesson is assigned to the teacher, i.e. a teacher who noted that such a method of teaching is provided with a certain amount of knowledge of students and is not capable of making extensive use of the knowledge they have learned. The article considers the didactic goals and objectives of teaching methods. The discussion outlined interactive methods and achievements achieved during the application of these methods in the lesson, as well as outlined effective methods used during the lesson. Among the interactive methods, the authors studied the main difference between the problem-based learning method. In addition, the research work focused on another advantage of the updated educational program using the interactive method. As for the results, the advantages of the modern updated educational program were also noted, and the main differences between the two educational programs are shown in the table, taking the traditional and updated education system as the object of research, i.e. comparative criteria were given that reflect the main features of these learning systems. In the final part, there were outlined the main tasks of the school in teaching the child as a whole, and the main directions and features of the updated curriculum.



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