Use of spreadsheets in the educational process

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  • G.K. Bekturganova
  • B.U. Baihozhaeva


spreadsheets, histogram, standardization, metrology, cyclogram, Paretto diagram, Fisher criterion, Mandel statistics.


The paper studies the possibilities of using Excel tables in the study of disciplines at Standardization, Certification and Metrology Department. An example of constructing a cyclogram of properties based on the calculation of a differential quality indicator is given. The possibility of calculating and constructing some of the main quality management tools is noted: Paretto diagrams, data stratification. It is concluded that they help to conduct a full-fledged analysis in order to detect and eliminate problems, to take timely corrective and preventive measures. Various options for ensuring the quality of measurements are discussed: exclusion of blunders, calibration errors of measuring instruments, evaluation of the correctness of methods in using spreadsheets. Examples of calculation and graphical display of Mandel’s statistics and Fisher’s criterion are given. When considering Mandel’s statistics, attention is drawn to the much greater importance of statistics h in comparison with statistics k in interlaboratory comparisons. Two methods of calculating the Fisher criterion for assessing intra- and interlaboratory compatibility are given. Particular attention is paid to the possibility of calculating the uncertainty of measurements using both the bottom-up and top-down methods: estimation of uncertainty according to the Eurachem-SITAC Guidelines; estimation of uncertainty through intra- and interlaboratory variances; modeling of measurements and calculation of uncertainty using random number generation; decision-making by conformity assessment bodies taking into account uncertainty. The advantages of using spreadsheets are noted: visibility, speed, accuracy of calculations, involvement and personal contribution of students, development of their abilities to make decisions based on analysis, consolidation of theoretical material in practice, growth of students’ confidence in their knowledge, creation of their portfolio by students.



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