Educational significance of the folklore heritage of the Kazakhs of Kyzylzhar in the education of the younger generation

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  • A. Maulet


Kyzylzhar, North Kazakhstan region, folklore heritage, ritual songs of shamans, spiritual heritage, scientific research.


The article tells about the collection, preservation and study of spiritual heritage of North Kazakhstan region, which was orally transferred from generation to generation and the role of this heritage in the education of the young generation. Kyzylzhar region is one of the sacral regions of Saryarka, where the Kazakh instrumental-musical and folk heritage has been preserved. Rich traditions of national music and folklore of the Kazakh people, including customs and traditions, have been preserved in the northern region. The Kazakh poets of 17th-19th centuries Kozhabergen Tolybaisynshyuly, Shal Kulekeuly and sal-seri, who occupy a dignified place in the memory of the people, such as Segiz Seri, Akan Seri, Birzhan Sal, Ukili Ybyray, Baluan Sholak laid the foundation of the traditional music of the region. Transmitted from generation to generation the folklore tradition of the Kazakh people, ethnographic values, national applied art, samples of oral folk art (shildehana, zhoktau, synsu, zhar-zhar, song and kyuis, kara olen, riddles, tongue twisters, zhyr, terme, zharapazan, ritual songs of shamans and etc.) have made their invaluable contribution to the development of our nation and mankind as a whole. After gaining independence, a large number of our compatriots from abroad settled in Kyzylzhar region. Together with them our country gained the rich heritage associated with the customs and traditions of the Kazakh people, instrumental music and ethnography. In the scientific and analytical part of this article the common features of the regional performing and national spiritual art of musical and folklore heritage are analyzed along with ancient samples of oral literature, recorded by indigenous Kazakhs living in the Kyzylzhar region and compatriots from abroad.The valuable data on folklore heritage such as «riddles», «tongue twisters» and «ritual songs of shamans» were selected on the basis of new materials, collected during the research expedition, held by the author of this article in Kyzylzhar region in 2022.



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