Independent work of teachers using modern technical means in training

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  • J.A. Musina
  • G.M. Kazhikenova


computer technologies, independent work, critical thinking, creative thinking, information resources, educational process.


In the context of the rapid development of globalization and integration processes, as well
as the increase in professional and academic exchanges, digital education plays an important role in the
intellectual development of society in such a sovereign state as modern Kazakhstan.
Modern society has a high need for qualified professionals who are able to effectively implement
digital methods not only in education, but also in professional activities.
L.Elyakova believes that in such a society a person who has organized, purposeful information “will
be able to form his own image and prototype of objective reality more adequately, and therefore can more
harmoniously fit into the world around him, which will allow him to reveal his material and spiritual
potential, in the most favorable way to realize the unique natural inclinations.
According to A. Presbitero, independent work is characterized by a high level of activity, promotes
cognitive creativity and requires intellectual effort, initiative and creativity [1]. It is worth adding to this
position that students need to master the skills of planning work, choosing effective ways to complete each
stage and self-control. It should also be noted the educational value of independent work: it contributes to
the development of an important personality trait - independence.
The concept of development of education in the Republic of Kazakhstan provides for further
development and improvement of the system in the field of education. This concept is based on such
provisions as flexibility, diversity, accessibility in time and space, adaptation to changes in professional
activities, readiness for constant self-education and practical activities.
The role of independent work of students as a powerful reserve in the training of specialists that meet
the requirements of the modern labor market is growing.



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