The impact of various traumas on the religious memory of the Kazakh people

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  • R.K. Ibrayev
  • N.O. Baigabylov
  • Zh.A. Tusupbekov
  • A.D. Abuova


socialization, religion, collective memory, religious memory, historical trauma, identity formation, religious rituals, psychology of forgetting, process of remembering.


This scientific article delves into the exploration of religious memory trauma within the
historical context of Kazakhstan. The paper underscores that in the annals of every nation, including the
Kazakh people, one encounters not only moments of elation but also somber incidents that etch profound
imprints on collective memory. It meticulously examines various political and societal circumstances,
notably the persecution of the Bai and Kazakh intelligentsia, which profoundly influenced the historical
recollection of the Kazakh populace.
A particular focus is directed towards the relatively unexplored domain of Kazakh religious memory
trauma spanning from 1928 to 1964. During this epoch, authorities orchestrated extensive repressive
measures, encompassing the closure of mosques and madrasas, alongside the termination of religious
education. Remarkably, a pivotal facet of this trauma emanated from the persecution of religious scholars
and luminaries, who played pivotal roles in upholding the cultural and religious traditions of the Kazakh
This article furnishes empirical findings elucidating the role of religious scholars and luminaries in
the context of Kazakh religious memory trauma. Furthermore, it undertakes a discerning analysis of the
motivations underpinning the Soviet authorities’ efforts to efface their names from the collective memory,
even as these names endured in familial recollection and experienced resurgence following Kazakhstan’s
attainment of independence. The study not only advances a profound comprehension of the significance
of the heritage of religious scholars and luminaries but also accentuates the criticality of scrutinizing the
impact of trauma on the collective memory of societies. This research is poised to be invaluable for scholars
engaged in the preservation of religious memory under duress and its transmission to forthcoming



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