Actual problems of determining the expression of diagnostic competence future teachers- psychologists

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  • G. Nurdaniyakyzy
  • Yu. Gelisli


компетентность, диагностика, диагностическая компетентность, психологическая компетентность, педагогическая компетентность, профессиональная компетентность, образование, высшее образование, психология, студенты.


In the modern world of the educational system, there is an increase in the requirements
for the professional training of specialists in order to successfully implement them outside the
walls of educational institutions. It is to solve this problem that the need for possession of
diagnostic competence is determined, thanks to which future educational psychologists will be
able to identify difficulties not only of a procedural, but also of a personal nature, select methods
taking into account the specificity of the request, thereby forming their own unique approach
and professional style.
In the article, together with the concepts of professional competence and competence approach
in education, the concept of “diagnostic competence” is considered in the aspect of various
subjects and approaches. The first stage of experimental work to determine the severity of
indicators of diagnostic competence of future educational psychologists is also presented. The
analysis of the data obtained allows us to suggest that, despite the awareness of the significance
and readiness for diagnostic activities, there is a need to replenish knowledge in this area,
both in the theoretical and practical parts, based on those motivational factors that have the
greatest impact. Immediately in the future, this will become the basis for creating a model for
the formation of diagnostic competence, which is necessary for the successful implementation
of the increasingly complex tasks facing the modern school and the educational psychologist.



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