Formation of teenagers’ worldview through media content

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  • B.S. Baimenova
  • S.O. Kulzhabekova


media, social networks, content, social phenomenon, teenagers’ worldview.


The article analyzes the ways of forming the worldview of adolescents through media
content. The theoretical works of scientists who have studied this field are taken as a basis.
The essence, content, and principles of the concept of media content in modern society are taken as a
basis. The classification of media was differentiated, which allowed teenagers to easily adapt to the social
environment. The competencies inherent in media literacy are considered and explained. It focuses on the
skills people need to survive in an industrial technocratic society. It is clarified that media education and media culture are factors of modernization of society. It is clearly stated that in the right direction, teachers
should increase the quantity and quality of content in social networks, which will have a positive impact
on the formation of teenagers’ worldview, and ensure that teenagers are media literate.
In the course of studying the topic, the authors clarified the concepts of social networks and new
media. The features of media content affecting the socialization of adolescents are studied, the analysis of
new media is carried out. Revealing the meaning of the basic concepts, it offers an effective, competent use
of the capabilities of the global network, which is the main source of information.



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