Implementation of an immersive approach in solving the problems of foreign language education

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  • G.T. Yussupova
  • Т.А. Kulgildinova
  • A.S. Sagimova


digital technologies, immersive environment, immersion method, foreign language, education, communicative reflection, virtual reality, immersive approach, motivation, communication skills.


The article outlines the possibilities of implementing an immersive approach in
foreign language education. The features of the virtual environment and its application in the
educational process are described. Prospects are identified that, through the use of immersive
technologies, make it possible to build a foreign language lesson in a new way. The concept of
immersiveness is defined, which allows a different look at modern immersion technologies and
the use of digital technologies in the process of teaching a foreign language. The immersive
technology and its effectiveness in the process of formation of communicative reflection in
students are considered. The definitions and concepts of the immersive approach in education
are presented in the terminological aspect. The connection of the immersive approach with other
approaches in education (activity-based, contextual, informational) is indicated, taking into
account the principle of visibility, which expands and complements the technical capabilities
of a foreign language lesson. The importance of computer technologies is characterized, which
contribute to the creation of more natural conditions for communication, increase the motivation
of students, and also ensures the involvement of all students in communication and facilitates
the teacher’s control over the task. The importance and necessity of the introduction of virtual,
augmented and mixed reality technologies for the digital transformation of the sphere of foreign
language education was also noted. A SWOT analysis of the immersive approach in foreign
language education is presented. The purpose of this article is to determine the features of the
use of digital technologies in teaching foreign (English) language based on the implementation
of immersive technologies in the learning process to improve the quality of education. The
relevance of this article is related to the need to apply immersive technologies in teaching a
foreign language.



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