Key competencies of a teacher in the era of digitalization of education

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key competencies of a teacher, informatization, digitalization of education, digital educational technologies, digital transformation, educational process, mobile learning applications


This article is devoted to the study of the digitalization of education in Kazakhstan, the stages of its development, the main trends and the evaluation of its effectiveness on the basis of higher professional education.

The study aims to provide a theoretical basis for the state of digitalization in higher professional education in Kazakhstan, evaluate its current effectiveness, and determine a path for future development.

The article analyzes the formation of the stages of computerization, informatization, automation and digitalization of society, as well as the information and educational technologies and IT resources used by teachers of two faculties (natural science and technical) in the educational process of Aktobe Regional University named after K. Zhubanov. It also discusses the preferences for the use of digital transformation in education.

Our analysis of scientific sources on the digitalization of education presented and revealed the main trends, risks, advantages, imperfections and pitfalls of the digitalization of vocational training.

The article discusses how teachers and students organised their work during the post-pandemic period when using the skills of online education and applying the achievements of digitalization of the educational process.

The digitalization of education significantly changes the requirements for teachers. Teachers must master modern technologies, be able to use them effectively in the educational process and possess the key skills necessary to fulfill their professional duties.

The results of a study of the attitude of teachers and students of the Aktobe Regional University named after K. Zhubanov of the Faculty of Natural Sciences and the Faculty of Engineering to digital transformation and the use of information and communication technologies are presented and the main indicators are identified, the trends in the use of modern digital technologies. The results obtained allow us to determine the main problems of education at the present stage.

The main problems of digitalization of higher professional education in Kazakhstan are indicated. The attitude of teachers of Faculty of Natural Sciences and the Faculty of Engineering to the digital transformation of education, the formation of digital competencies and the attitude to restrictions and risks in the transition to the digitalization of education is shown. The main prospects for continuing research on the use of digitalization in education are outlined.



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