Satisfaction with the educational environment as a key indicator of the effectiveness and quality of educational services

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  • I. Frumin
  • О.А. Shebalina


satisfaction with the educational environment, satisfaction criteria, professional education, standard of living, quality of education, youth.


In the context of the transformation of Kazakhstan’s society and growing global challenges,
ensuring an increase in the income and standard of living of the population of our country is one of the
priorities of the state’s development. At the same time, one of the vulnerable categories is young people, for
whom the issues of obtaining a quality education as a factor of demand in the labor market and obtaining
a stable income are acute. In these conditions, it is important to assess the compliance of the needs and
expectations of young people from the educational services received with the current situation in this
area. The article considers the satisfaction with the learning environment of organizations of vocational
and higher education as a subjective indicator of the quality of education and compares it with objective
statistical data. The study reveals the structure of significant criteria of the learning environment based
on international experience. Five objective indicators are identified, including an assessment of physical
conditions, the level of computer equipment, the possibility of developing additional skills, the climate
and culture of the organization of education, the level of support for students. The significant results of the sociological survey of students in the context of regions and levels of education, taking into account
the comparison with official statistical information, are presented. The obtained results are aimed at
identifying problem areas and developing measures to reduce the level of dissatisfaction with the
educational environment.



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