Features of development of modern teachers’ cultural competence

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cultural competence, pedagogical culture, professional competence of teachers, teacher’s cultural competence, life-long education, improving of pedagogical qualification


The article examines the prerequisites for the development of professional culture, competence and cultural competence of teachers. The most important condition for the development of the teachers’ cultural competence is continuous education based on a cultural approach. The implementation of the educational tasks of life-long education should be oriented towards a cultural basis. Today the growth of cultural and linguistic diversity in the academic environment requires the development of the level of teachers’cultural competence.

The significant changes in Kazakhstan's education system are directly related to global trends. Critical thinking, analysis and synthesis, the ability to optimally solve problems, stress tolerance, and professional flexibility are identified as the main skills in demand in the labor market. Competence is realized through interiorization, inculturation and socialization with an exchange for the paradigm of education of the "man of culture". While the humanistic nature of the competence principle makes it possible to create a mechanism for the optimal solution of the issues that have arisen, the humanizing potential of the cultural approach depends on the difficulties of the activity direction.

The categories of "pedagogical culture and professional competence" as components of the main topic are deeply analyzed in the course of the study. A detailed review of the scientific literature is made. The article presents the results of surveys and questionnaires among teachers and students, and controls professional activities. Comprehensive monitoring of reflexive analyses and relevant documents contributed to the drawing of specific conclusions of the work.

"Cultural competence" refers to the totality of cultural knowledge, skills and methods of implementing tasks, the ability to determine the productivity of socio-professional activities. As a result of the scientific research, the authors concluded that one of the ways to develop cultural competence is to improve the skills of teachers.



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