Тhe concept essense of "patriotic culture"

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culture, patriot, patriotic culture, patriotic consciousness, patriotic upbringing, spiritual value, cultural development


In this article, the idea is formulated by studying the works of scholars and philosophical, psychological, and pedagogical analysis of various concepts in determining the essence of the concept of "patriotic culture". In the research work, based on the works of scholars the concept of "patriotic culture" can be considered as a multifaceted concept in the modern world. This concept is formed in the consciousness of mankind as the highest level of love through civic duty, preservation of national unity, a sense of responsibility for one's people, country, understanding of history, culture and native language. Human consciousness develops through a system of spiritual values, so it is necessary to form a patriotic culture among the younger generation. That is why now, in the transition to spirituality, patriotic culture is becoming relevant and socio-cultural significant at the state level. The patriotism inherent in the younger generation will gradually be filled with ideological, civic content and will become not only a moral, but also a moral and political quality. The only reason why an independent country occupies a worthy place in the global civilization - this is a patriotic culture. Attention was drawn to the concept of patriotic culture, as well as scientifically analyzed and studied from a theoretical and practical point of view in order to determine its full essence. Human in its spiritual development can become a patriot when he/she absorbs ideas, feelings of patriotism and consciously turns them into a spiritual need. Therefore, in order to form a patriotic culture that occupies a place in his/her spiritual world, it is necessary to define the essence of the concept of "patriotic culture". And this concept is based on culture. Culture is a set of spiritual and material values created and performed in the process of creative activity of mankind, reflecting the achieved stage in the historical development of society. 



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