Communication as the main condition for the development of the child’s native language skills

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  • A.B. Bakradenova Жетысуский университет им.И.Жансугурова
  • A.S. Taurbekova
  • G.A. Tazhinova


language communication, speech, play, labor, speech skill, household activities, communicative method, speech development.


The article deals with the research that the formation and development of speech of preschool children depends on communication. The current problem with the state language is that in some bilingual families children with adults use Russian as the language of communication. Since a child’s psyche and speech develop in a reciprocal relationship, trying to teach a child to speak Kazakh requires a psychological, linguistic approach. The article argues that language is a national sign that shows the identity of the speaker. Where there is speech, there must also be listening. Based on the theory that «teaching a child to listen means introducing him or her to language communication» the article identifies a number of topics that guide children to engage in language communication with peers and adults. The results of diagnostic studies to test the vocabulary and the ability of the individual to participate in a dialogue, the identified grammatical forms of the language studied, causing children difficulties in language communication, led to the conclusion that we need to develop a methodological manual on this problem. Having studied the works of researchers on various forms of communication and the opinions of linguists, methodologists that folk poems and songs awaken in a child the genetic codes of the native language, the ability to listen, to answer questions according to logic, grammar rules will teach the child to speak culturally and connectedly, the authors offer a number of methods and techniques to develop communicative skills in the state language.



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