The role of soft skills formation among foreign language teachers


  • С.Е. Жунусова
  • Л.С. Байманова
  • Л.Н. Навий


In the 21st century, in the era of globalization, modern teachers, in order to successfully
implement their professional activities, need additional skills, so-called «soft skills», without, which
even the best professional, nowadays cannot achieve a good result. In accordance with the purpose
and objectives of this research, there was investigated and determined the level of soft skills among
foreign language teachers of the Akmola region. In order to determine the soft skills, which are
related to the teachers’ professional competence, there was conducted a questionnaire survey in
“Google form” consisting of 16 questions. The total number of respondents was 363 teachers from
different districts of the Akmola region. As part of the research, the survey participants were asked
to answer questions about the “soft skills” definition and concept. The results of our study revealed
an insufficient level of soft skills among 74% of the respondents, which suggests the analysis and
adjustment of educational programs for the training of foreign language teachers




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Жунусова S., Байманова L., & Навий . L. (2023). The role of soft skills formation among foreign language teachers. Вестник Евразийского национального университета имени Л.Н. Гумилева. Серия: Педагогика. Психология. Социология, 142(1), 107–118. извлечено от