Pedagogical views in T.Iztileuuly's instructive and propaganda verses


  • А.Т. Тулебаева
  • Г.А. Туякбаев


The article deals with TurmagambetIztleuuly, a poet's pedagogical views, one of the storytellers of Syr land, which are reflected in his edifying, instructive verses. TurmagambetIztleuuly is a representative of the religious and educational movement аt the beginning of the twentieth century. The source of his pedagogical and educational views isdiscovered in the religion of Islam.One of the poet's main topics iseducation, praising of knowledge, he calls on ordinary people for knowledge, because an educated, well-bred young generation is the future of the country. His pedagogical views are revealed on the basis of the analysis of the poet's works dedicated to the younger generation's education in the article. The scientific substantiation of these views is one of the topical problems of modern science. The issues of mastering knowledge, science, and art are connected with the stages of human life by the poet. According to his ability,NurtuganKenjegululy can be seen in a new pedagogical and educational aspect. It is defined that Turmagambetconveys the peculiarity of acquiring knowledge depending on a person's age in his enlightening and edifying verses skillfully.Scientists’investigations, who researched problems related to the education of the younger generation, were also considered the poet's creativity.




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Тулебаева, А., & Туякбаев G. (2023). Pedagogical views in T.Iztileuuly’s instructive and propaganda verses. Вестник Евразийского национального университета имени Л.Н. Гумилева. Серия: Педагогика. Психология. Социология, 142(1), 269–283. извлечено от