The use of virtual reality technologies in educational process: past and future

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virtual reality (VR); virtual technologies; educational institutions; History of VR.


Virtual reality technologies make a great contribution to the educational process, of course, the main purpose of using these technologies in education is to increase the efficiency of the educational process through their use. To better understand the contribution of virtual reality technologies to education, this study conducted a systematic review of the literature in the Web of Science, IEEE and Google Scholar databases, as well as in domestic journals. In addition, real cases are presented and evaluated to demonstrate past and present practical applications of virtual reality in the learning process.This article discusses the history and current state of the use of virtual reality (VR) technologies in the field of education, and also makes a forecast for the future based on scientific data. The purpose of the article is to show the main concepts of virtual reality in the educational process, its emergence, impact, related problems and future directions, as well as methods considered by well-known researchers.The content of the article is of practical importance for modern school teachers, and the article can be useful to all those who are interested in the field of education and new technologies.



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