Assessment and monitoring of poverty and living standards in Kazakhstan

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  • N.O. Baigobylov
  • Sh. Turez
  • М.М. Kudabekov


During our research, the project conducted a review of the scientific literature and reviewed
the methodology for assessing and monitoring the level of poverty. The differentiation of the methodology
and measurement methodology used by the World Bank in countries with developed economies and
developing economies was carried out, including the specifics of the Kazakh methodology, the methodology
for assessing poverty according to international regulatory standards (World Bank, etc.). Theoretical studies
of poverty, social inequality and the social structure of society in modern sociological approaches. The
approaches to understanding society in the issues of poverty, wealth and inequality, as well as subjectivity,
data sets and methodological approaches to understanding society, on the compliance of the current policy
of poverty eradication in developed countries in comparison with developing countries are considered.
Modern theoretical and methodological analysis of social stratification and social inequality, poverty in
modern sociological research.
The study reviewed the foreign experience of OECD countries in assessing and monitoring the level
of poverty and improving living standards: the information base of the study of the Organization for
Economic Cooperation and Development was determined, social policy of the OECD
countries and post-Soviet countries regarding socially vulnerable groups of the population, as well as
measures to improve the quality of life, criteria and assessment of the quality of life, methods of social
exclusion of socially vulnerable groups of the population in the countries of the OSER, as well as tools for
evaluating the effectiveness of budget programs of post-Soviet countries, economic aspects of assessing,
forecasting and improving the quality of life indicators of the population, the OECD Databases of Income
Distribution (IDD) and Wealth (WDD) were analyzed, the OECD collection of well-being indicators,
the best policies for a better life of the OE



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