Transition of advanced training system to the paradigm of “continuous professional development”

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  • G.Ye. Kozhamkulova
  • N.S. Kassymbekova


continuing professional development, advanced training courses, personalized learning, teachers’ needs, teaching practice.


The environment in which teachers work and the demands placed on them by society are
becoming increasingly complex. Teachers strive to equip students with a wide range of skills they will
need to function effectively in the world; this is accelerating the need to develop more competency-based
approaches to learning, as well as a greater focus on learning outcomes. In this context, even the highest
quality teacher education cannot provide teachers with the knowledge and skills necessary for lifelong
teaching. Teachers are called upon not only to acquire new knowledge and skills, but also to constantly
develop them. The education and professional development of every teacher should be seen as a lifelong
task. In this regard, the system of advanced training needs to move to the paradigm of “continuous
professional development”, in which the key role will be given to taking into account the personalized
needs of teachers.




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