Motivation as a tool for attracting young university teachers to innovative activities

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innovative activity, motivation, young specialist, academic teacher, interview, support, atmosphere in the team, professional awards, educational process, innovative technologies


Modern education requires constant innovation to improve its quality. However, young academic teachers may have difficulties in adopting and implementing innovative approaches in their teaching practice. The research is aimed at studying motivational factors that can stimulate young teachers to actively participate in innovative activities. The novelty of the study lies in the combination of data on the motivation of teachers and their preferences in the use of technology in education, which can become the basis for the development of effective strategies for motivating and supporting teachers in their innovative activities. The study consisted of two parts – a questionnaire to determine the main motivational factors, and an interview for a deeper understanding of the opinions and experiences of participants. It was established that the main motivational factors are material incentives and communication within the teaching community, recognition and support from colleagues and management, as well as good atmosphere in the team. Least of all, the participants are motivated by an internal desire for innovation and professional awards. At the same time, respondents give more preference to mixed learning methods in their activities, less to interactive learning using VR and AR technologies. Thus, developing internal motivation is recommended, as is encouraging enthusiasm for introducing new technologies in the educational process.




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