Professional values of a social worker

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social worker, professional values, institutional values, responsibility, ethics, accountability


The study of professional values of a social worker is currently one of the topical problems. In the article qualitative analysis of foreign literature of XX-XXI centuries is carried out for comparative analysis of features of professional values of a social worker and its differences from personal values, nature of professional values, responsibility and accountability, value orientations of a social worker. The development of social-emotional skills of social workers, assimilation and strengthening of necessary ethical, aesthetic and emotional values are among the most important activities in this field. This study revealed the following: special importance is given to the formation of desired behavioral, personal, and professional values in accordance with professional standards of social work experience; to date, scientific works in the field of studying and understanding the emotional component and values of a social worker are insufficient; studies of social workers' values are divided into two categories: studies related to the values of social workers and social workers' socialization with the profession of social work. The purpose of this paper is to study the scientific literature to determine the roles and values adopted by social work professionals. The object of the study is a set of professional values of a social worker.



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