The influence of modern Kazakhstani media on various social groups

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modern media, social groups, information impact of the media, youth, society


The article describes the role of modern Kazakhstani media in establishing social standards of behavior, communication and activity, which directly affect the process of socialization. The article analyzes the activities of channels performing news, cultural and educational functions.

It is noted that nowadays the most popular among viewers of different ages are author’s channels whose content consist of presentation the beauty, kindness, and give the reason to lift audience`s mood by humor. This is followed by channels that cover current news and problems of ordinary Kazakhstani citizens.

Also popular are channels whose content contains legal and medical advice, online consultations with specialists, as well as online learning of the Kazakh language from ordinary people who present their content in a simple and accessible way.

The development of information technology has a direct impact on changes in public consciousness. The formation of collective thinking is part of global processes that are greatly influenced by the development of social networks, the Internet, and therefore the formation and discovery of new media. The formation of the concept of “influencer” is one of the aspects of influence on society and the development of the media structure as a whole. An analysis of this phenomenon is also carried out in the work.

It has been established that the greatest influence on society today is the author’s channels, each with its own individual content.




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