Current trends in the development of new models of tutoring and mentoring

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mentoring, reverse mentoring, digitalization, education, tutoring, artificial intelligence


The article updates the mentoring issues and models, defines the specifics of mentoring in the digital society, shows the connection between tutoring and mentoring, illustrates the model of tutor-psychological support for students, and describes the mentor educational program.

Mentoring as a social phenomenon fits into a wide social spectrum and interfaces with other phenomena and processes. This article defines the functions of a tutor and a mentor. The position of a tutor in college includes the functions of a psychologist, social worker, group supervisor, and mentor. When developing the model of complex support of student's educational and professional development, the key principles are taken into account, such as creation of conditions for involvement of students in the development of their own active position as a subject not only of the educational process, but also of the process of life activity; assistance to students in the implementation of value choices, personal self-determination; taking into account the needs and interests of the student in the educational space of the college.

The article defines the tasks of tutoring and psychological support to help students adapt to a new stage of education and develop the necessary learning actions, including in the digital environment; to clarify the professional choice and trajectory of professional development; to maintain and develop educational and professional motivation of the subjects of the educational process. The analysis of the college's activity on the implementation of the projects "Sustainable Development Zone" and "Territory of Development and Well-being" is presented. The purpose of the Tutoring and Psychological Support Centre is professional support in the digital environment: from the organisation of online educational work to psychological education; supervision and intervision.



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