The study of the image of parents and the views of young people about their parents

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  • D.A. Zhanserikova
  • А.R. Mandykaeva
  • G.B. Kapbassova
  • R.T. Alimbayeva


father image, mother image, family education, defence mechanisms, emotional relations, behavioural images, value relations, parental image, behavioural image, value-semantic component, family model.


The scientific article is be devoted to the study of the problems of the image of parents,
which are closely connected psychologically with the culture of the family, the ideas of young people about
their parents and about themselves as a parent. In order for the learned models of parental behaviour to be
positive for the child, the child-parent relationship must be emotionally and spiritually close, and the love
of parents for children is the main value of family life. In such conditions, education acquires the character
of equal cooperation between parents and children, based on respect for the rights of the child, i.e. the
issues studied in the article determine the relevance of the study.
As part of this work, we focus on studying the relationship between the images of parents and ideas
about the individual parent in young people, and many authors who theoretically investigate an important
component that determines the attitude of young people to parental behaviour in the future with their ideas
about parents, emotions associated with the process of raising a child, as well as the image of the future
the child and connects himself/herself with the representation of themselves as a potential parent. The
manifestations of youth include individual parental actions, planning and implementing the educational
process, lifestyle in parental conditions, as well as images of parental behaviour in general.
Taking into account the images of two parents (father and mother), we decided to comprehensively
consider the problem from the point of view of empirical research. In this regard, we investigated the
relationship of these images and ideas about parents in boys and girls, who were the purpose of the study.
The reliability of the results obtained in the course of a particular study is determined by conducting
a quantitative and qualitative analysis of the empirical data obtained using methods appropriate to the
subject and purpose of the study.



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