Research on adultery

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marital union, marital fidelity, family value, mentality, gender identity, infidelity, emotional connection, state of infidelity, family attitudes, stabilization of marital relations


The article will be devoted to the theoretical and practical study of the relationship between spouses in marriage, the establishment of roles and responsibilities in everyday life, mutual decision-making, leisure planning, family budget management, the establishment of a system of shared values, etc. The institution of the family occupies a special place in society and for every person, the constantly growing instability of marital relations in its composition is an urgent problem that foreign and domestic scientists are currently paying attention to.

In addition to the joy of reaching a new level of relations, the marriage union includes tests for the maturity of newlyweds who have to live under the new system. Of the many problems in marriage, the problem of infidelity may be the most serious. Even at all times, fidelity was considered the highest value of marriage. Although a loving marriage is an ideal that many couples strive for, in many societies love is not a requirement of marriage. However, love is an important component of marriage, often the only motive for its creation. Therefore, betrayal can lead to a serious crisis or even to the disintegration of the family.

In addition to knowing about the causes, circumstances and consequences of infidelity, the properties of the spouse associated with the likelihood of infidelity, as well as the feelings and emotions of the spouse causing the state of infidelity, we also organize an experimental study to get answers to questions about how modern families are connected with the fact of infidelity, using psychodiagnostic methods aimed at determining the relationship of men and women to adultery, we conducted an analysis based on the obtained research data.



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