The activity of a social pedagogue in modern education in Kazakhstan

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social pedagogue, socialization, psychological comfort, targeted assistance, social and pedagogical support


This article examines the work of a social pedagogue of educational institution and the problems that are most relevant and subject to consideration in modern society. The main content of socio-pedagogical activity at school is revealed. A number of works of scientists from Kazakhstan and abroad in this area have been studied. The analysis of the research work on the content of the activity of a social teacher at school is given. Based on the results of the study, it was concluded that basically the work of a social pedagogue is reduced to various reports and other paperwork. Therefore, due to such a heavy workload, a social teacher is not able to provide targeted assistance to students in need of social and pedagogical support. The authors of the article have developed modern types of work with students in the form of recommendations, which can give results in the provision of psychological and pedagogical assistance. The main aspects of the pedagogical activity of a social pedagogue with schoolchildren are revealed. The problems that require the participation of a competent specialist in the protection of a children’s rights are highlighted. According to the authors, an important point is the interaction of a social pedagogue with school teachers, with classroom teachers and especially with parents.




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