Digital literacy of future teachers-psychologists

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future teacher-psychologist, digital competence, digital education, digital transformation in education, digital literacy, media literacy, computer literacy


Digital technologies expand the boundaries of access to education in the education system, on the basis of which virtual laboratories, video lectures, online courses are created, mobile electronic educational resources are actively used. The article discusses the importance of digital literacy as an employee of the field of education, as well as teachers-psychologists. In particular, the digital literacy of a teacher-psychologist is socio-psychological support and optimal adaptation of the younger generation, which allows effective pedagogical and psychological support not only through personal communication, but also through digital communication. The study described five main levels of digital literacy - information literacy, computer literacy, media literacy, communication literacy, innovation and literacy in the implementation of technological changes. In the course of the research work, an analysis of the concept of digital literacy in the scientific literature was carried out, a review of the history of this problem and the works of domestic and foreign scientists who examined it was conducted. It is also considered how a future educational psychologist can use digital literacy in their activities. During the research work at the Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, surveys were conducted to identify the digital literacy of 4th-year students studying in the specialty "Pedagogy and Psychology" and their results were analyzed. In the course of the study, in order to improve the digital literacy of future teachers-psychologists, a practical platform "digital development platform" worked. The experimental period of the study was conducted in May and September, the results of the survey for two months were compared and the intermediate dynamics were determined. The successful results of the "Digital Development Platform" were taken into account and other ways of improving the digital literacy of future teachers-psychologists were considered.



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