Employee motivation as a means of improving service efficiency

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  • M.N. Abdikalykova
  • A.Zh. Ayaganova


motivation; motivating factors; public service; civil servant; personnel potential.


The article discusses the issues of motivation of civil servants. The analysis of motivation
theories and their definitions in foreign and modern psychological science is carried out. In modern
approaches to management, motivation is a tool for improving the effectiveness of activities. In addition,
motivation is closely related to the process, intention, goal. Staff motivation acts as a necessary condition
for the exercise of state power. Motivation in building a predictable future of the organization is of a
strategic nature. The organic part of the management system in an institution is related to motivation. In
this regard, motivation is one of the main tools for managing activities and improving their effectiveness.
The motivating function of an organization can be considered as a process in time and space. And
through incentive mechanisms, the needs, and expectations of employees in their work are met.
To study the motivation factors on which the desire of civil servants to work effectively depends, a
survey was conducted, the results of which were presented. One of the topical issues is the recruitment
of personnel for the service, justification by motivating new mechanisms for attracting talents to the civil
service. According to the general personnel policy, a SWOT analysis is carried out and conclusions are



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