Mental characteristics of personality in a state of ambiguity: a historical review

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  • S.T. Bapayeva
  • M.K. Bapayeva
  • А.А. Kasymzhanova
  • B. Khalym


mental processes, personality, COVID-19, ambiguity, tolerance to ambiguity.


The article deals with the mental features of a person experiencing ambiguity caused
by COVID-19, an impact of a unique phenomenon which has led to isolation and global stress
at the global level – anxiety, stress, depression which has caused anxiety due to ambiguity,
which in turn discourages a person and prevent anyone from comfortable mental development.
It is observed that anxiety as a manifestation of sensitivity to stress, in turn, affects the level of
tolerance to ambiguity.
However, it is possible to make sure that this problem, having experienced an inner potential,
especially powerful resource states that have never been observed in a person, motivates him/
her to realize it, as a personality characteristic of a person, to accept tolerance for ambiguity as
a life norm, to combine truth with creativity with subjective certainty.
It is quite possible that the tolerance against ambiguity experienced in the global context will
have a positive effect on improving one’s personality, as well as on striving for stability and
integrity, increasing the ability to overcome adversity.
In the process of analyzing the results of the studies, it is observed that people with a high level
of anxiety have a lower tolerance for ambiguity. Certainly, it will not be easy to any person to
accept and to convince himself/herself that in such a complex situation they cannot keep all the
difficulties and changes under their control. In this regard, because of uncertainty, it causes
anxiety leading to fear and fright in person. As a result, there are various obstacles, which
prevent a person from optimal development.
At the same time, during the COVID-19 pandemic, it was revealed in the anamnesis of examinee
that people with mental health problems were deeply depressed and more likely to experience
a state of stress. During the pandemic, the observation of mental reactions based on age and
gender characteristics of a person, the features of groups vulnerable to depression, stress and
anxiety symptoms were shown.
The most effective way to overcome ambiguity is to deny that it exists.



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