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BULLETIN of the L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University. PEDAGOGY. PSYCHOLOGY. SOCIOLOGY Series

Publisher: L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University

ISSN: 2616-6895, eISSN: 2663-2497

Current issue

Pedagogical Technology: A Specific Historical Approach

Shalgynbayeva K. K., Abykanova B. T., Saypova A. A., Kussainov G. M.

Technology of criteria-based assessment in the system of technical and vocational education

Gotting V. V., Tofan K. A., Shraimanova G. S., Tazhigulova G. O.

On environmental education for school-age students

Tkachenko A., Shakbalinova A., Ismailova G. M., Stebletsova I. S.

Challenges of political translation

Turusheva L., Smite S.

Features of the spiritual and moral development of high school students

Issakhanova A., Аkhmetova A. I., Omarbekov E. E., Omarbekova A. I.

Formation of communication skills in individual work with children with an autism spectrum disorder

Stelmakh S., Barabanova Y. I., Маtckevich . K., Ospanova D. B., Ladzina N. A.

Some subjective aspects of the conflict

Myrzakhanova . N., Seitenova S. Z., Myrzakhanov Y. N., Aimukanova A. M.

The identity`s problem and the problem of national identity

Tusupbekov Z. A., Baigabilov N., Orynbasarova . A.

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Extracurricular project-research activity of pupils of the natural-scientific direction

Abdulova G. K., Krivolapova M. O., Mechshanova A. G.

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