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BULLETIN of the L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University. PEDAGOGY. PSYCHOLOGY. SOCIOLOGY Series

Publisher: L.N. Gumilyov Eurasian National University

ISSN: 2616-6895, eISSN: 2663-2497

Current issue

Problems of training future teachers in inclusive education

Ismailova G. M., Ayupova G. T., Mazanbekova M. E., Ospanova B. K.

Methodological bases for creating a virtual laboratory in the discipline «Neurobiology»

Omar A. N., Sagymbay B. M., Zhilkaev A. B., Usenbay A. B., Abiltay A. K., Kaldybek M. Z.

Еducation of tolerance in the family as a factor of personal development

Kuzdeubayeva A. B., Zhakaeva S. A., Sopbekov S. O., Aisina S. T.

The use of multimedia technologies in teaching English

Kulakhmetova M. S., Akhmedieva A. K.

Features of the use of educational platforms in teaching biology in schools

Naiman U. S., Sagymbay B. M., Abiltay A. K., Kurmanbaev R. K., Usenbai A. B.

The content аnd structure of the competitiveness of teаching stаff

Bаyаrystаnovа E. T., Yesenovа K. ., Bashchikulova Z. A.

Associative research in teaching Russian as a foreign language

Arynbayeva R. A., Dmitriyuk N. V., Stycheva O. A.

«Рhysiology of school development»

Nurullayeva D. B., Abdrassulova Z. T., Ydyrys A. Y., Ablaikhanova N. T.

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Extracurricular project-research activity of pupils of the natural-scientific direction

Abdulova G. K., Krivolapova M. O., Mechshanova A. G.

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